Sparse brows? No brows at all? Or maybe you just can’t achieve that dream shape? Eyebrow Embroidery, also called Microblading, is the answer for you!

  • Process: The procedure utilizes a very small blade composed of several tiny needles to manually deposit ink into the skin.
  • Timeline: During your visit you will sit for 30-45 minutes with numbing cream, then the process itself will take approximately 60 minutes. Once completed, we will book your mandatory touch up appointment for 6 weeks time.
  • Ink: Deposited in a natural stroke pattern, it’s designed to mimic real brow hair. The color pigments are specifically designed to match natural brow colours, and are able to be adjusted at the second appointment.
  • Mapping: To begin the process we map out the brow to find the most optimal shape for your face, thereby creating what ideally would have grown in naturally.
  • Comfort: Clients are numbed for ultimate comfort.
  • Cost: Full Brows: $600+ (Includes initial appointment, as well as one month touch up, and treatment cream).
  • Longevity: 1-3 years.

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