Brow Shaping – $26.30

  • Designing the perfect brow for your individuals face structure. Measuring, wax shaping, trimming & tweezing

Maintenance Brow Wax – $20 & up

  • A clean-up wax within 4-5 weeks of initial brow shaping

Brow Threading – $32.50 & up

  • An effective method of hair removal for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin

Brow Tint – $15 & up

  • Deepen colour of the natural brow to enhance shape

Brow Tint & Wax – $30 & up

  • The complete package for perfect brows!

High Definition (HD) Brows – $62.50 & up

  • This is more than just a treatment, it is a next level experience for absolute brow perfection! From custom-blend colour matching, to using a series of hair removal techniques, HD brows is an in-depth method of brow design that is totally tailored to the client.

Brow Microblading – $550 & up -> Click Here for more details!

  • A feather stroke manual tattoo method to create a semi-permanent brow shape that is suited to the individual needs of the client

Additional Microblading Sessions – $ By Consultation

  • Within 11 months of touch up

Microblading Yearly Touch up – $350 & up



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