Extensions can give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of achieving with your hair: length, fullness, volume, colour, density, and the list goes on. Available in many different shades and varying lengths, our extensions offer limitless style options.

Each client is unique in their extension needs and we take into consideration every aspect to ensure you get the look you want. During your consultation we will assess your existing length, texture, density, color and styling regime to properly assess and recommend the best product for your new look.

The Headroom Salon & Spa is proud to offer Great Lengths, Hot Heads, and KLIX extensions to our clients.

Great Lengths

Great Lengths is the leader in the world wide market of bonded hair extensions. We use only the highest quality 100% natural human hair.

Owner Eryn Wall has been doing Great Lengths for 12+ years and has been an educator for 5. Her passion for the product shows in her work: “the options are endless with Great Lengths, we can literally help clients achieve whatever they desire with Great Lengths bonded extensions”

Great Lengths are individual bonded pieces of hair applied with a keratin bond. Each piece is 1/4 of a centimetre, so it’s virtually undetectable in the hair. Great Lengths allow you to do everything you would normally do with your hair except with more length, volume, or both!


Hairdreams bonded hair extensions offer various strand types and lengths. Each hair creation can be customized to meet the clients needs. Hairdreams is ideal for comfortable and professional hair lengthening, thickening and creative  strand effects.

Hotheads Extensions

Hotheads are also 100% human hair. These attachments are small extensions applied without the use of heat or tools which makes them fast and amazing! Hotheads lay completely flat, seamless, and remain undetectable in the hair.

KLIX Hair Extensions

KLIX are 100% human hair. These extensions are hand treaded onto a skin like weft. The weft is attached to your hair with silicone-lined micro links that allow the weft to blend for a seamless application.

Volume + Hairdreams Hair Pieces

Volume+ Hair Thickening system offers more volume for fine and thinning hair. With these methods we can offer optimal solutions for individual cases, ranging from normal/fine hair all the way to thinning hair.

*Prices for extensions vary based on the quality of the extension and the amount needed to achieve your desired look. To find out what your new look may cost, a consultation is required.

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